Case Study

Montresor Legal, London

Office-move internet connectivity whilst awaiting a permanent Ethernet solution

Business Move WiFi
In January 2022, Montresor Legal faced a pressing issue when they relocated their office to Greek Street in London – there was no available internet access, and their staff needed it urgently to continue their operations.

Recognising the urgency of the situation and the expected lengthy lead times for a permanent internet connection, our team at PopupWiFi set out to deliver a swift, short-term solution that could match the equivalent of a 100Mbps Direct Internet Ethernet service both for uploads and downloads, all without locking them into a fixed contract.

Our proposed solution centred on deploying the Dejero 4G gateway, which boasted 6 SIM slots and 6 Ethernet ports. Leveraging a combination of networks, including Vodafone, O2, EE, and Three, with unlimited data allowances, we were able to deliver connectivity that came close to the desired 100Mbps.

As time progressed, it became evident that Montresor Legal required even higher speeds. To address this, we seamlessly integrated a fibre broadband circuit into one of the Dejero gateway’s Ethernet ports, configuring it for WAN use.

This strategic setup allowed us to bond the bandwidth from the Fibre broadband and 4G SIMs, optimising the internet connection further.

We enhanced the onboard Wi-Fi capabilities of the Dejero gateway by incorporating additional Wireless Access Points (WAPs) that connected to configured LAN ports, ensuring robust Wi-Fi coverage throughout their workspace.

Despite delays in obtaining the permanent internet connection, attributed to capacity constraints, wayleave approvals, and routing complexities within the building, PopupWiFi’s Dejero rental service played a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted connectivity.

This enabled Montresor Legal to continue its operations seamlessly until the permanent network infrastructure was established.

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