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Setup of a temporary office and WiFi for a Community project: PLACED

POPUPWiFi Temporary Wifi
Temporary Wifi
PLACED specialises in place education and engagement, developing knowledge and community insights into the built environment. They engage with various projects and called upon Popup to provide temporary Internet and Wi-Fi to their office in Birkenhead (located on the Wirral).

PLACED run their own PLACED Academy, which is funded by sponsors and partners, and allows them to work with a wider range of sectors, such as Schools, Architects and the local authorities.

A temporary shop unit in Birkenhead was being rented to support the community project that Placed had worked on previously for an initial 3 months.

The location would be running events, exhibitions, pop ups and hot desking facilities. They needed a solution to provide Wi-Fi/data on the site for the duration for them to run these events.

Placed Community Group
We provided one of our standard Popup solutions that provided 4G with unlimited data allowance using Vodafone as they had excellent coverage in their area. The solution included a rented router to connect onto the Internet but also all users to use built in Wi-Fi within the router.

The service was initially taken out on an initial 3 months from November 2022 and been extended to September 2023.

It has since been extended for another 3 months, showing how happy PLACED is with the service that we have been providing to them, and how dependable they are on PopupWIFI.

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