Great 4G and 5G for London’s West End Tube stations

4G and 5G for London's West End Tube stations

High-speed mobile coverage has been introduced at the initial Tube stations in London's West End. Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road ticket halls, along with the Central line between these stations, now offer both 4G and 5G connectivity for London's West End Tube stations.

Additional segments of the Northern and Central lines are scheduled to receive mobile coverage in the upcoming months. By December, a total of 33 stations with underground platforms will have mobile coverage, with this number set to increase to 40 by 2024.

The deployment of mobile coverage is a joint effort involving all four major mobile network operators: Three UK, EE, Vodafone, and Virgin Media O2 (VMO2). Notably, 4G coverage has already been implemented on sections of the Jubilee, Northern, and Central lines.

Anticipated by the end of 2023 is the extension of mobile coverage to the first Elizabeth line stations, with the entire line expected to be covered by spring 2024.

Importantly, this mobile coverage will support the new Emergency Services Network (ESN), enabling first responders to access critical data, images, and information in real-time during emergency situations.

Boldyn Networks, the organization overseeing mobile coverage expansion on the London Underground, is also embarking on an initiative to upgrade existing coverage on the Jubilee line, paving the way for 5G availability at stations like Canary Wharf and North Greenwich for the first time.

To facilitate this extensive mobile coverage rollout, around 500 individuals are working tirelessly overnight throughout the Tube network to install mobile equipment. Once completed, this endeavor will result in the installation of over 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) of cabling and thousands of radios within the tunnels and stations.

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