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In 2021, the UK government entered into an agreement with mobile network operators (MNOs) to phase out second-generation and third-generation technologies by 2033.
Blackpool is poised to benefit from enhanced 5G mobile technology as part of an £88 million government initiative. This coastal town is among 19 selected locations nationwide set to undergo trials of innovative technology.
The United Kingdom is at risk of falling behind in the global race to deploy high-speed fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks, which are vital for the government’s ambition to transform Britain into a tech hub akin to Silicon Valley, according to industry insiders and analysts.
The Stadium of Light is set to be among various sporting venues and popular tourism destinations across the UK chosen to participate in trials of innovative 5G mobile technology, as part of an £88 million Government initiative.
Vodafone, in collaboration with Net CS and the Church of England, is leveraging advanced technology to discreetly enhance 4G signal quality for rural communities.
High-speed mobile coverage has been introduced at the initial Tube stations in London’s West End. Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road ticket halls, along with the Central line between these stations, now offer both 4G and 5G connectivity.
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